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atopic eczema

Atopic eczema can be an awful thing for the ones unfortunate enough to suffer from it. Atopic eczema is a sort of inflammation of the skin which is irritating and uncomfortable and very itchy. Scratching it only makes the condition worse and more inflamed. The skin is often dry, itchy and flaky. It might help if you use an ointment, but only for the time the ointment is on the skin. Eczema can be socially stifling, as one might feel insecure when full of it. It sort of makes you feel like you've got the plague.

Hej på er!

Hej alla ni som kommer att läsa min blogg, jag hoppas att ni alla mår bra och njuter av den vackra sommaren för det gör jag i alla fall. Detär så skönt ute idag och helt vindstilla, solen lyser från en blå himmer och det är så¨varmt. Kan man ha det bättre än så? Här sitter vi med altan dörren helt vidöppen och njuter av det härliga svenska vädret denna sommaren. Jag ska jobba nu en stund och sedan ska jag åka och köpa reglar till mitt husbygge. Nej det är inte ett nytt hus, men jag håller på att ...


Within two weeks the holiday is over and we are trying to get our kids used of normal bedtimes again. This is not as easy as it sounds. The sun is still shining in their bedrooms and a lot of other kids are playing and laughing outside. But I know those kids are getting up very late when my kids already want lunch. Meanwhile my kids do not fall asleep, keep contact with the kids outside through the window and have fun anyway. I think it is better to let the holiday go on without getting our normal routine.